Friday, February 28, 2014

Perspective Drawing Class Week 1 - 3

I've been trying to work on my drawing weaknesses lately. One of my biggest one is drawing environments and architectural elements in perspective. I rush through my drawings too quick and don't have the patience to slow it down and get things right. Perspective is one fundamental that I feel I never got enough instruction. To address this, I am taking a perspective drawing class at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena taught by concept artist, Polina Hristova. I'm forcing myself to take it slow and do all of the beginner exercises.

One of the fun things I learned was that the horizon line crosses a figure at the exact same height on the figure's body no matter where they are located in depth.

Also I learned how to transfer lines:

aaaand how to make repeating shapes with two different sized boxes:

I've begun a one-point perspective drawing of an interior of a 1910s era bar. Its in the initial block in phase right now. I'll continue adding details and interest as it goes on.