Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everglades Buttons

I designed some buttons a month or two ago for Everglades National Park's website. They are Here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Scooters are hilarious. I love the idea of them. When I used to ride bikes a lot (like wear spandex and and shave my legs a lot) I would go on rides with 5-10 other dudes wearing spandex. It was a blast, we would ride all in a line and draft off each other and go really really fast. Once we even caught a rather large fellow riding his scooter. The scooter was struggling a bit under the load. My bike ego was blowing up, it was great.

Another time I was riding with some of my bikey friends and this scooter pulls up next to us. The vehicle was carrying two dudes. The driver was completely ignoring us (but still making the decision to ride next to us?) His bro riding on the back, on the other hand was having the time of his life. The guy seriously looked like an extra in Mad Max, a minion of some type. He was looking at us and cackling with his his outrageously dentally impaired grin, all the while fist pumping as hard as he could. Once the duo got in pace with us, back-dude made a (no doubt) clever comment containing a double entendre that totally touché'd our sense of joie de vie. After heckling to his hearts content the duo sped out of my life... and into legend. (of my mind)

side note... Blogger always gives you examples of "labels for this post" and one of them is scooters. yessssssss

Monday, August 8, 2011

Things That I Want

As you may have gathered from a previous post (or, more likely, you know me) I have moved to LA. Currently homeless (but not floorless) and jobless I have had a lot of time to do things like work on personal projects, post on my blog, and check job forums at least 36 times an hour.

For some reason being jobless makes me think of things that I want to do when I have money. For example I really want to build my own computer, learn how to surf, and paint some paintings. Right now, at the top of my list of things I want is teleportation. What would I do with this ability, you may find yourself asking the computer at which you are looking at this blog post? I would teleport myself to the top of a beautiful mountain range far from any human habitation, a place that I could sit by myself and observe nature in all its grandiose-ness and grandeur-ness. I would teleport myself there with a toilet and go #2. It would be the best.

Actually, that would be my second order of business. The first would be to teleport to my girlfriend and give her a big ol' kiss. Who, judging by my artist rendition, stands around looking annoyed all the time holding papers.

But seriously, Things I Want: 1. Teleportation.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Dragon Concept Art

Always back up your files... My Western Digital external hard drive failed two days ago. I lost most of my projects for the past year including what I had been working on for this baby dragon project. I was working on a concept painting that was almost finished but the .psd was wiped with the drive. I was posting wips on so I have a small version of the last work in progress.

EDIT: Some notes from bob on the model that I will be incorporating in the model redesign: i think it would make more sense and be more appealing if the eyes were more toward the front of the head me: and bigger bob: eyes are usually spaced out like that on prey, because they need to see if things are coming from a wide view predators usually have eyes frontward me: ah good point bob: and coincidentally, things look more appealing when eyes are more toward the front

Friday, August 5, 2011

Santa Monica

I have arrived. The cliff and the coast.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Its happened before, it'll happen again...