Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Rake Viz Dev

I'm getting my portfolio ready to apply to some visual development internships and I wanted to strengthen my portfolio a little before sending out my apps. My 2d portfolio needs to be more focused. I've been working on some character concept sheets to fill it out. This character my take on a character from the Decemberists album, The Hazards of Love.

I like the dude in the green vest the best so I'm going to do another sheet based around him.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Naked People

Finally made it back over to the Philadelphia Sketch Club; its been about a month now. Its always really nice to draw from a model. I get a little frustrated because I always seem to draw the same drawing every time I go. Its a different model obviously but feels very similar to every other drawing I do there. Its my own fault, I bring the same materials: pencil and small sketchbook. I also approach it the same way: all of the figure taking full advantage of the paper without running off the sides. I've been doing a lot of looking around at other artists portfolios to get some insight into applying to 2d jobs. It makes for very disheartening experience. It seems like everyone and their blind grandmother can draw or paint better than me. While I value my time at William and Mary, other than feeling really solid in my foundations, it didn't do anything to prepare me for any type of commercial artwork. Fine arts..., sigh. Honestly it was my own fault. Anywho, my drawings:

I know it looks a lot like my other drawings but I tried to use less lines that are more considered. I like the results but it looks nothing like the girl.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mental Ray

Last spring I did some work with trying new rendering techniques (new to me anyway). You may remember my windmill tests. I am going to be using some renders for my thesis so I went back into mental ray contour rendering workflow and did another test render of some models. Instead of using lights for shadows I used ambient occlusion in mental ray. The great thing about this type of rendering is that its blazingly fast. This full HD render was probably under a minute on my box.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I uploaded two more animations to my vimeo site this week. The first is "Arrival." This was my animaiton 2 midterm project at Drexel. I worked with Jake Nichols and Kev Gross on it. The responsibility breakdown is on the vimeo site. It was nice to work with a group. We each could really focus on our individual tasks and do the things we liked to do. I had experimented a little with compositing for Moth but for this project I got to really have fun with it. Also thanks to my sister, Nyssa for some ideas when I was designing the texturing of the dragon.

Arrival on Vimeo

The second animation is the throat project I worked on with Jake and my animation 1 prof Dave Mauriello. It was a segment for a longer documentary about a throat doctor.

Throat on Vimeo