Thursday, February 10, 2011


I uploaded two more animations to my vimeo site this week. The first is "Arrival." This was my animaiton 2 midterm project at Drexel. I worked with Jake Nichols and Kev Gross on it. The responsibility breakdown is on the vimeo site. It was nice to work with a group. We each could really focus on our individual tasks and do the things we liked to do. I had experimented a little with compositing for Moth but for this project I got to really have fun with it. Also thanks to my sister, Nyssa for some ideas when I was designing the texturing of the dragon.

Arrival on Vimeo

The second animation is the throat project I worked on with Jake and my animation 1 prof Dave Mauriello. It was a segment for a longer documentary about a throat doctor.

Throat on Vimeo

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