Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Reel

I finished up putting together my reel: Here on Vimeo!

It is a collection of shots from a handful of animations that I've worked on over the past year at Drexel. Right now its more of a generalist reel, when I get to actually applying for jobs I'll probably edit it to slant it to a more focused skill set. For now, though, its everything. Also, I decided not to include music. In general, when employers are looking at reels they turn it off. When I watch reels I always turn off the music. I know that it would add interest to the piece (as a separate piece unto itself) but there are all sorts of problems with adding music that I didn't want to get into. I figure here is a good spot to recognize the other people that contributed to some of the work shown. Evan Boucher did the character animation for the first two Carver clips and Jake Nichols and Kev Gross worked on "Arrival" with me.

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