Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Dragon Concept Art

Always back up your files... My Western Digital external hard drive failed two days ago. I lost most of my projects for the past year including what I had been working on for this baby dragon project. I was working on a concept painting that was almost finished but the .psd was wiped with the drive. I was posting wips on so I have a small version of the last work in progress.

EDIT: Some notes from bob on the model that I will be incorporating in the model redesign: i think it would make more sense and be more appealing if the eyes were more toward the front of the head me: and bigger bob: eyes are usually spaced out like that on prey, because they need to see if things are coming from a wide view predators usually have eyes frontward me: ah good point bob: and coincidentally, things look more appealing when eyes are more toward the front

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