Wednesday, May 28, 2008


so this month has been pretty weak on the posts. Lame, I know, I've been busy. I have had a little time to work on my book. Here are some rough sketches of poses for a drawing. I photographed myself then drew these sketches. The sketches are studies for a larger drawing that will incorporate a figure in each of these poses, though they won't be me (I was my own model). I was taught to never draw from photographs; it makes you lazy, it can flatten a drawing, mistakes are easy to spot and when abused it looks very tacky. Having said that I think I am going to start using photo refs more. Its expensive to hire models and I am not making a drawing completely from photo. The characters are completely from my head but I need the viewpoint and anatomy that I can't get without the pictures. When I finish the final composition I'll post it on my website.

Thanks to everyone that congratulated my on being a finalist for the contest. The three drawings that got me this far are "illustrations 2, 3, and 4" of the earlier posts on this blog. Also thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on those.
Also, I put up a new BIO section on my main site. I haven't had the chance to really get started on my original bio project but I did a little comic for a class I will be teaching this summer. My strong point is definitely in the visual, not writing. ;) Anyway, when I finally get working on my bio its probably going to look something like whats there now. (in terms of style) Its actually a lot of work, I took over 100 photos and ended up using only 8 or 9. Enjoy and have a good weekend!


AZV321 said...

why don't you just have more shirtless adventures? that'll be good anatomy drawing. eh?

chef david is coming to dc to visit. jealous?

Nate Shaw said...

amin, shirtless adventures are the only kind I ever want to have

Brian Kelley said...

oh man! congrats on being a finalist!