Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My posts have been sporadic of late, I know and do sincerely appologize. I have been very busy this month embarking headlong into a big project. This Friday is also exciting because my work will be up for display in a show for first fridays in RVA. The restaraunt that my work is and will be hanging in is called "Hidden Treasure" and is located at the following address: 219 East Clay Street Richmond, VA 23219. My work (3 paintings, a pastel, and a print) will be up for that evening and perhaps a little longer. If I get any more details I will be sure to post them.

The project I alluded to earlier is one that I have been developing for a while now. I am creating a story driven by pictures much like a children's book. The plan was to finish all of the pictures while simultaneously writing the story then eventually turning it into book form. I have been thinking about media and art and how it is all related and thought about a different path. What if instead of a book I create a digital book. But it won't even be a book, the vision I have is something more like a website or a computer game. Instead of holding the pages and turning them by hand you will click on the picture itself to move the stroy along. In some ways it will be like a movie or animation that waits for you. This is the long term plan. There is a lot of work between now and then. I am drawing the pages in pen and india ink. After all of the drawings are completed I will scan them into a computer and make any necessary changes. Next will be inporting all of them into Flash and linking them all together and creating all of the animations and interactivity. I have about 15-18 drawings complete and another 6 or seven penciled but not inked. I need about 10 more after that. The story is outlined but not actually written, I know what happens but the words aren't there. Writing isn't my strong point and I can't remember the last time I wrote a story. The words are the part I am most dreading.

I don't know if the project will ever get complete. Other things in my life are happening or could happen that will put an indefinite hold on this. At any rate I want to complete the drawings and the story before the end of the year. That way I would at least have a completed book.

I am planning a massive update to the pictures on my website but I just haven't had the opportunity to get out and photograph all of my drawings... stay tuned.

On a completely random note, here are a couple of designers that I recently found about and like a lot: some really good band posters, I especially like the Abe Lincolnstein campaign poster.

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