Monday, January 26, 2009

chow #144

Ok, so last post was a character of the week submission at So is this one. I'll give a quick rundown on what that means. CA is a web community of artists, illustrators, concept artists, and (mostly) wannabes (like me). The forum community is huge with people from all over the world helping each other out for the most part giving critiques and such. Anyway, its cool. they have weekly activities there. Character of the Week, Environment of the Week, Creature of the Week, etc. they have a moderator that comes up with an idea say par example: post nuclear apocalyptic siamese twins that work as protectionists, extortionist, and mercenaries. Then every one illustrates this idea and submits it on sunday. there are specific rules like it has to be at least 3/4 figure and so on. After it gets submitted a moderator makes cuts and then members vote on their favorite. Typically its the professionals (or near pros) that win. I have yet to make it to the voting round. Im not too worried I have only entered two, the siamese twins (above) and the caterpillar (below). Actually, its only pissing me off in a good way. I just want to work harder. It gives me competition. I like it. My current goal is to make it to the voting round, then win one.

On another note, is going to be seeing a major facelift in the coming days... Look for it next week, its going to be sweet.

Also, don't forget about the Everglades Comic...

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