Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wolf Boy

Every once in a while I have mentioned a story book or multimedia comic book. back in 2005 at William and Mary I made a print of a wolf creature standing under a tree on top of a mountain. This image was the beginning of a story that I hadn't created. Since that print I have made many images featuring that character. Its been an evolving process. At various points in 2008 I actually set out to create a definite plot and images to follow along with that plot. I got pretty far and ended up with over fifty images of different qualities. I started compiling them in 2009 then abandoned the project for a couple of reasons. I didn't really like the quality of the images. Only a very few of them held up to what I had envisioned. The story also had never been outlined clearly enough. I had been focusing on the images almost exclusively.

I've come back to the project several times since then. While I still have yet to get a solid collection of images the story is starting to solidify in my mind, and come together on paper. For a class this quarter here at Drexel I'll be looking at multimedia storytelling and comics on the internet. I'll be starting a concept of a project that will use pieces of the "Wolf-Boy" story line to demonstrate certain principles of this medium.

I have had this collection of art from the false starts sitting around that very few people have seen and I thought that I would start showing it. There is a narrative and I'll post it on this blog in the narrative order. This is all abandoned work, I won't be using this in the final wolf boy (whatever that may be) but it is worth checking out.

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