Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've been pretty quiet this month but I have been busy! This first is a clip from a short animation test in dynamics. the actual animation wasn't anything special but I tried some new techniques in matte painting for this project that I was pretty excited about. I even taught a short demo at the school's SIGGRAPH club on how to create a background painting for later compositing in Nuke. When I get some time (yeah right) I want to write up a quick tutorial on what I did. Its pretty simple but could help someone out in the future.

This next image is a render test for my next big animation project. Its a group project with two of my classmates, Jake Nichols and Kev Gross. For this render, I did all the texture painting and lighting and Kev and Jake did the modeling.


Bill said...

Oh Wow - lots of detail. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Bill said...

Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks ssssssooooooooo real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!