Monday, June 28, 2010

DVD Menus

For DVD class we have to find 3 DVD menus that we think are well done and answer the following questions.

* What is it about this DVD interface that you like so much?
* What makes this DVD different from the others?
* What is one item about this DVD that you would like to see better?

This is my homework submission.

1. Sweeney Todd - I like that the menus are integrated user interfaces with graphics made specially for them. There is no looping clip in the background. I hate it when there is dialogue in the menu. The transitions are quick. The framing of clips that serve as backdrops for the menus is nice.

The transitions are very quick, a nice change over many dvds with 30 second clips between each menu.

The language background could be a little more interesting.

2. Waltz with Bashir - The main title screen is cool with the looping shots from the movie. Again, its nice there isn't any dialogue.

Fast transitions.

The backgrounds of all of the other menu selections other than the main menu could have been more interesting. They could have involved more animation there.

3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - The looping animation behind the main menu is pretty long and it takes a really really long time to see the entire thing. "The Hard of Hearing."

Taking the opportunity to tell jokes in the dvd menu that isn't in the actual movie.

The transition animations are a little too long. If they would have been shortened a second or two. it would have been fine.

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