Thursday, May 30, 2013

Figure Drawing

Another round of Tuesday's figure drawing at the Santa Monica YWCA.

Judging from this blog all I do is draw naked people but I swear its not true! One of the reasons I like the figure drawing sessions, though, is that it is like a physical workout. I don't get all sweaty or tired after it but when I am drawing from a model my mind clears up. Its exercise in the way it is pure practice in order to improve, like pushups or running a couple of miles. I know that I am getting better even if its hard to see immediately. Like pushups, there is little thought needed to complete the tasks. It allows my mind to wind down and respond purely to what I see.

figure drawing is a nice thing to do artistically. The objective is simple, draw what you see, (or not!) there is no pressure for it to be good. If it doesn't look good it doesn't matter, there is no supervisor to tell you you're doing it wrong and no clients to please. There is no responsibility for the drawings. If it looks bad I just turn the page and draw another one.

I like the figure drawing sessions because I like the community built around them. Its nice to be in a room with a group of people that have all chosen to be there to do something they all enjoy doing. It gives me an opportunity to socialize with people that I wouldn't normally talk to. Most are older than I am with more than half 50+ and it makes me wonder if I will still be going when I reach that age. I hope so.

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