Monday, March 2, 2009

E comic ending

For those of you following the Everglades Comic, its almost done. Next week is officially the end. Since I am no longer in the Everglades I figured it would be hard to write more comics. I am, however, planning some character studies of fictional people in the Everglades. It will be a sort of continuation of the E Comic. As a special guest artist appearance a great guy, (and perhaps E Comic's biggest fan) Gordon Anderson, made this comic. I loved it and I think you will too.


Unknown said...

Really off the chain look'n fine art. What an amazing work of creativity. How does one get a copy?

Nate Shaw said...

Well for this particular piece, it would be run you around 5,000. But thats just because I would probably have to give the artist his 2.5%. I have to make up for my overhead, you know. :)