Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wildland Weeds

No doubt I don't have to announce this but you may have noticed when you opened up your Spring 2009 copy of "Wildland Weeds" and then proceeded to the back page, you saw a familiar set of faces. I can tell you that no, you weren't hallucinating, that was indeed our own Everglades Comic that lay nice and pretty. Well it was exciting for me anyway. This comic ended up making the cut for the South East Exotic Pest Plant Council's quarterly publication. ( a mouthful, I know) It was a little funny that the comic chosen wasn't even about plants but they had to avoid my more risque material. I would tell you to go out and get yourself a copy but I have no idea where you would get one of these fine magazines. (I have ten and I am thinking about sneaking them into bookstores in the hopes someone will buy them)

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