Saturday, July 10, 2010

Digital Figure Sculpture

Last quarter I took an independent study in digital figure sculpting. I sat in on a figure drawing class twice a week and drew from a model. Outside of class I worked with Maya and zBrush to create a human male digital model. It worked out great because I got experience in organic modelling and had the opportunity to draw from a life, one of my favorite things in the world. I started with a base mesh in Maya using a figure drawing book as reference. Once I had a simple base mesh I imported it into zBrush where I sculpted the detail. Later using zBrush's "tranpose tool" I molded the figure into a version of a classical sculpture of Zeus. Thanks to Jake Nichols for the model of the column. It was created for our midterm animation (which will be done soon, hopefully) and I just went in to the project files and snagged it for this project. My professor wanted me to put the figure into a background but I was never able to render the figure so the windmill made an appearance as a backdrop composited in Photoshop. All in all it was a good experience to try something new and have fun.

I'll post the drawings I did in the class later on.

T-Pose Turntable

Posed Turntable

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