Sunday, February 22, 2009

deer skull

Typically I do all of my digital painting in Painter X and any image touch up work with Photoshop. I decided to give Photoshop a try for the painting aspect as well. After getting past all the different keystrokes. (I kept copying and moving layers when I meant to resize my brush, etc.) It was a pretty good experience. Painter has these glitches when I move around the canvas it will leave remnants of the previous size and position on the screen. Not really a huge deal once I got used to it but Photoshop doesn't have those problems. Painter has a much larger brush library but it seems like I only use a couple of them anyway. (my problem) I am not sold on one or the other yet and I have yet to actually have a firm grasp on either of them in terms of capabilities. I will keep going back and forth to see what each can offer. This was my first photoshop only image. I painted this skull from life. Initially I had a warm direct light on it with a little bit of cool ambient light all around. As the day wore on and the sun went down the cool light disappeared so a lot of the blues I was seeing (and liking) went away leaving only the warm light. This made the shadows deeper and blacker looking. I was trying not to use black at all but it happened. First is the 5 minute sketch I completed and scanned. I don't like starting a drawing right on the computer. Nothing beats sketching with just a pencil and paper, the simplicity is great.

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