Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paranormal P.I.

This weeks CHOW was pretty open ended; E.G. Brownstone, Paranormal Investigator. I always fall back on the portrait format. Its not terribly exciting compostition wise but I think it shows improvement over some of my early digital pieces. This was mostly done in Painter with a little bit of Photoshop for the adjustment masks. Speaking of that, I just learned a ton (like 3) of good Photoshop techniques from this guy. His tutorials are really good, I'm a beginner so it was really helpful. Also I have to mention that the pattern on the wallpaper (probably only clear in the detail on the WIP sheet) was my first ever pattern created from scratch in Illustrator. yay.

(total of 3 programs used to create this image)

Edit: I have no idea why some images can be enlarged and others not. If anyone has the reason for this, please let me know. Its got to have something to do with the size, I'm thinking. nope.

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